Installing and configure Active Directory in Windows 2008 Server

  1. Legal Software  and Windows Server Security Update
  2. Static IP Address
  3. Strong Administrator's password contains combination of uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and punctuation mark.
Here are the steps:
  1. run server manager (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools)
  2. From Roles, click "add roles"
  3. Make sure to checked "Active Directory Domain Service"
  4. Click next and wait until it done.
  5. Click run dcpromo.exe or from cmd run dcpromo.exe then click next 
  6. For simple configuration, uncheck "Use Advanced mode installation" and choose create a new domain in "a new forest"
    1. FQDN "testing.local"
    2. choose Forest functional level "Windows Server 2008", next
    3. option to install "DNS Server"
  7. Clik next, and wait until installation finish (auto reboot when "reboot on completion" checked)