Installing & configuring Oracle Java ME in Netbeans 8 & Windows 8

I do not like installing bundling software, because I just parcular application and I want my JDK can be access, install, uninstall and upgrade dependly. Therefor I tried manual installation, here are my steps: Installation: 
1. Minimum Java SDK Standard Edition Development Kit (JDK) release 7 update 55 must work. 
2. Netbeans 8 already run properly. 
3. Install oracle-jmesdk-3-4-rr-win32-bin.exe 
4. Installing plugin into Netbeans 8: 
a. Extract 
b. Install plugin melalui Tools -> Plugins -> Downloaded -> Add Plugins 
c. Select all *.ndb files, and open 
d. Click Install e. Restart netbeans