WHM Backup using WHM Web Console

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  1. Global Settings
    1. Backup Status -> Enable
    2. Backup Type -> Compressed (Compressed, Uncompressed, Incremental).
    3. Maximum destination timeout 7200 in seconds (default: 7200)
    4. Maximum restore timeout 21600 in seconds (default: 21600)
  2. Scheduling and Retention
    1. Backup Daily
    2. Backup Weekly
    3. Backup Monthly 1st of the month (default:1st of the month , 15th of the month) Retain 1 Monthly backups default:1.
  3. Files
    1. Backup Accounts select all active user (default:none) 
    2. Backup Suspended Accounts (default:Disable) 
    3. Backup Access Logs (default:Disable) 
    4. Backup Bandwidth Data (default:Enable) 
    5. Use Local DNS (default:Disable)
    6. Backup System Files (default: checked)
  4. Databases
    1. Backup SQL Databases Per Account Only  (default:Per Account Only, Entire MySQL Directory Per Account and Entire MySQL Directory)
  5. Configure Backup Directory 
    1. Default Backup Directory (default: /backup) 
    2. Retain backups in the default backup directory (default: checked) 
    3. Mount Backup Drive as Needed. (default:Disable)
  6. Additional Destinations

Save Configuration