Connecting domain to web hosting from 2 different provider

I have domain registar in at Indosatm2. After my sponsor refuse to fix the server, I decided to hosting my web on web hosting. After searching web hosting, I choose masterweb for web hosting.

The problem arrise how to connect my domain to web hosting. After searching some information, here is how I do that.

  1. At web hosting, find out name server for your web hosting. If you can not find them, issue ticket to ask name server for your web hosting.
  2. Login into your domain registar.
  3. Go to Manage your domain for example
  4. Select "Name Server" and use "Use custom nameservers (enter below)"
  5. You need at least 2 name server.
    1. Nameserver 1: [Nameserver_from_web_hosting]
    2. Nameserver 2: [Nameserver_from_web_hosting]
    3. Nameserver 3...etc: [optional]
  6. Make sure "Registar Lock" is disable to make it easy to transfer from domain registar provideer to web hosting provider.
  7. Go to "DNS Management" and fill Hostname, Record type "A" and IPv4 address. For eample
    1. Host Name:
    2. Record Type: A
    3. Address: [xx.xx.xx.xx]
  8. It takes time to propagate your domain about 24 hours. In my case it took about 6-8 hours. You may check using nslookup your domain points to your web hosting.
  9. Done.