Odoo 9: restore using curl

Additional requirement:

  • zip & unzip
  • curl

Install additional requirement

# apt-get install zip unzip curl

To restore Odoo 9 via web front end using curl, you need to parse 4 parameters, they are:

  • master password: master_pwd
  • name: name
  • backup file (in zip): backup_file
  • restore option (copy or move): copy=true

Regarding to web front end we can use copy option for almost restoring Odoo 9.

In order to avoid conflicts between databases, Odoo needs to know if this database was moved or copied. If you don't know, answer "This database is a copy".

Here is the command to restore Odoo 9 via web front end using curl:

$ curl -F 'master_pwd=password' -F backup_file=@/home/user/test.zip -F 'copy=true' -F 'name=dbname' http://localhost:8069/web/database/restore
You can automate restore your Odoo 9 in backup site using cron. For back up, please refer to backup procedure.