Android Studio 3.5: Clone android project into new android project with diferent name

Requirement and test on Android Studio 3.5

Make sure your old project working properly with your existing android studio library.

1. Copy project directory and rename folder for new project name e.g. Bramara
2. Open your existing new project using Android Studio 3.5. After opening project complete,  Navigate to 1: Project -> Project. You may seen your project only has two directory pointing to new project folder and old project folder. Close your project.
3. Edit appl.iml on directory new project -> app -> appl.iml using text editor. Replace all old project name into new Project Name.
4. Reopen your exising new project. Navigate to 1: Project -> Project. You may seen your project only has one directory.
5. Navigate to 1: Project -> Packages. right click on your component -> Refactor -> Rename.
6. A Warning message will pop up. Make sure all change will apply to new project folder! After that choose Rename packages e.g. com.dedetok.bramara.
7. Navigate to 1: Project -> Android. Open app -> manifests -> AndroidManifest.xml. Fix Application Activity to new pakage name. Change your Application Name to a new one.
8. Open Gradle Scripts -> build.gradle (Module: app), change your applicationId to new project, e.g com.dedetok.bramara and sync project.
9. Clean and rebuild your new project.
10. Your new project to edited/change.

Note: if adb run showing activity not found, edit your Run/Debug Configuration. Module should point to module application e.g. app.